How to become a B2B customer and get access to our offer?

Please fill in the indicated fields of the form that may be fount on our website.

How to place an order?

You need to send an e-mail with the product index as well as quantity that you wish to receive.

You may indicate the sizes as well but please be aware that we reserve for ourselves the right to modify them
(depending on proportion). For more details please see the question: “Do I have to buy units?

How to proceed with payment ?

When you finally confirm your order we issue a pro forma invoice which constitutes a commitment from the
seller to sell the items to the buyer. This document will contain all our bank details, address and VAT number.
After you have paid the pro forma and payment is received, we complete your order and dispatch it with
parcel service.

How can I get the catalogue?

You can gain access to our offer by submitting your details through the contact form

Do I have to buy units?

You do not need to buy units. You may even indicate the single size of the products (e.g. just 1 x M).
Generally, however, if you wish to buy more than one/two pieces of the product, we will ask you to make the
pro rata (proportional) orders-which means that you may order:

in proportion according to the available quantity of the product sizes.
The other option is that you accept the same quantity of each size:

e.g. (2 x S; 2 x M; 2 x L; 2 x XL).

Please rest assured that we offer mostly the most popular, desired sizes. We reserve for ourselves the right of the
modification of the sizes selected. In such case, however, you will always be informed first and if you do not
accept our suggested modification you may either give up the specific product or we may discuss an alternative
size selection.

What is Pro-rata?

This is ordering of sizes that is proportional to the sizes available.

For example, if we have in our stocks:

Size 8 x 6
Size 9 x 8
SIze 9,5 x 4
Size 10 x 2

and you want to order 10 pairs, ideally we recommend that you take:

Size 8 x 3
Size 9 x 4
SIze 9,5 x 2
Size 10 x 1

Will I get a confirmation of my order?

Yes, you will always get a confirmation to check if everything is like you indicated in your order: if there are any
changes which resulted from lack of product or pro rata you have a right to cancel this product or suggest some
other sizes.

Can you provide a transport for the products I am going to order?

Yes. We provide a transport for all the products. For the most countries shipment lasts 3-5 days. Please check a
The costs depend on the country. We cooperate with trusted global companies that deliver both parcels and

When will my order be shipped?

The items are normally ready within two working days after we receive your prepayment.

How do I track my package?

When we dispatch your order you will be automatically informed about that and the tracking numbers will be
sent to you so you may track your parcels during entire itinerary.

What is the minimum order amount?

Minimum order is 200 € /150 £.

I am looking to buy a lot of a certain item. Will you send me some samples?

Yes. Here there is no requirement of a minimum order. However, we send them according to our regular rules of
the payments and transport which means that you have to pay for the item as well as shipment.

I am looking for something that you don't have. Will you consider ordering it for me?

Yes. We are open to discuss this special sort of order. However, such orders are only possible if we have a
well-established story of cooperation which would be at least 5 regular orders. However, it is worth mentioning
that some products might turn out to be impossible for us to source.

May I change or cancel my order after I receive the pro forma?

As long as your pro forma invoice is not paid and the product have not been packed you may change or
cancel an order.
However, a modification of an order after the pro forma invoice has already been sent creates an
inconvenience and we would appreciate it if you do not overuse this opportunity.

Will you charge sales tax on my order?

If your company has an European VAT number which could be verified in VIES, no tax will be added to the
prices. If you do not have a VAT number, we are obliged by European fiscal regulations to add Polish VAT
(23%) to each price.

What currencies do you accept?

You may pay with the Euro (€), Polish Zloty (PLN) or Pound Sterling (£).

What is your return policy?

We accept only the complaints that are involved with the damaged or defective products that you received
from us. Such complaints need to be reported to us directly after the products are delivered. We do not deal
with the complaints of the retail customers resulting from use.

Could we meet in person?

Yes, you are welcome to visit us. We would just expect that you inform us at least 7 days in advance about such
plans so we may properly arrange the meeting.